Meet David Hosea

Sports Corner Elite welcomes a familiar face to their team. David Hosea is stepping in to serve as the store manager to keep orders on track and help the store function smoothly. David joins the SCE team following a 37-year career with Office Source.

David will be working alongside General Manager, Seth Lee to ensure the store operates at an elite level. David intends to retire in a few years and wanted to explore one more career path that would challenge him.

“I look at Kyle and Seth’s enthusiasm and it leads me to reflect on my previous career,” David explained. “My business partner and I were so excited to develop and build something.”

That is exactly what David hopes to do at Sports Corner Elite. In 1986, David began his business in the exact building that now houses SCE. He is coming back to where his roots started to help another young business grow.

“If you go upstairs there are pieces of tape with my handwriting from the late 80’s,” added David.

When he’s not working at the store, David can be found visiting and hiking national parks with his wife and two sons.

“I’m excited to stay involved in the community that has treated my family so well,” noted David. “And I couldn’t be working for two nicer people!”

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