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Leveling Up Continues with New Roles

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Sports Corner Elite continues to work on the “Leveling Up” process with the addition of Tiffanny Youngquist to the team. Tiffanny will serve as the operations manager for SC Elite, helping to ensure orders are processed efficiently. Tiffanny brings a solid background in systems and processes to the team and looks forward to enhancing the order processing and pickup details for the company.

Seth Lee’s role is changing to be focused on building relationships within the sports and corporate communities. Seth is serving as the Sales Manager and will take on the responsibility for discussing the best options for area organizations, teams, and businesses when it comes to corporate apparel, uniforms, and sports equipment.

“I’m excited to have these two key people in roles that fit their unique abilities and strengths,” noted SC Elite Owner Kyle York. “We’re positioning the business for growth and this role adjustment is a foundational step in this process.”

As the “Leveling Up” process continues, SC Elite is open by appointment only. Select your appointment by visiting or calling or texting 765-521-0363.

Tiffanny Youngquist, Kyle York, and Seth Lee are "Leveling Up" to serve you!

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